Rex Burk Statement

The events and details outlined in this writing are accurate to the best of my memory, and true to the best of my recollection. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need me to provide any more material.

Update 5/28/21:  Some emails to Melanie Crum came through to her multiple times. Melanie has two email addresses and I have four email addresses. We had been blocking each other back and fourth so some emails with one message would have come through to her with 8 copies. The number of emails shown on this web page is the correct number of emails sent back and fourth. I did not exclude any emails. Also, Melanie never made any request that I stop contact.

Hello John B Miller and associates. I wanted to give you a detailed summary of the events that took place from March 13th to May 24th. This is the story of my long and painful 72 day break up with Melanie Crum.

Melanie and I had been dating four and a half years. On March 13th, we had some friends over for a party. We had both been drinking that night. After our guests left, we had an argument and I was very upset. I told her that she treated me badly and that I was taking my dog Penny and moving away. I shouted at her and told her that I hated her. There was no physical violence.


I would like to take a moment to note that there was never any physical violence in this relationship. I never threw things around our home or punched any holes in the walls. I never grabbed her or pushed her into walls or laid a violent hand on her. I was supportive and loving to this person. We went on vacations, had nice holidays together and were there for each other when family passed away. I was good to her for four and a half years, and you can read all about that in the emails that she sent me post-breakup. Melanie became resentful of me over time because I refused to marry her.

Several weeks past as I diligently looked for a property to rent or buy. I spent inordinate amounts of time looking for a place to move to in a difficult rental market. Melanie was understanding and patient for about a month. She told me that she wanted to make sure that I ended up in a place that would be good for me and my little dog Penny.

After a few weeks, things settled down and we went back to our old routine. I still had full intention of moving out but we were still sleeping in the same bed, watching TV together, having dinner together, and having sex regularly. After a few weeks, she grew impatient that I hadn't found a place yet and began sleeping around; which was unknown to me at this time.

On April 25th, her father (Burl Crum) and mother-in-law came to the house to speak with me. Her father was very confrontational, rude and threatening. He promised to call the sheriff and have all of my belongings thrown out onto the front lawn if I was not out in four days. This came as a shock to me because Melanie had not mentioned anything. The next day I acquired an apartment and scheduled movers for April 27th.

After moving into my apartment I began to get settled in and maintained no contact with Melanie. I had landed on my feet and was doing well.

On May 4th at around 12:10 a.m. I received a call from Melanie. Unfortunately my Verizon call records do not go back this far, but she initiated first contact post-break up. When I answered the phone she was in tears. She told me that I was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She said that she had made a huge mistake. She told me that she wanted me back. I was very surprised and equally reluctant to speak with her further but she persisted. She said that she needed to see me. I asked her at that time if she had been on any dates. She said that she had not been on any dates. The next night, I agreed to let her visit me at my new apartment and we had passionate and romantic sex. Our relationship seemed to be rekindling as she continued to visit me at my apartment for the next few nights.

On May 7th, I discovered that Melanie had lied to me and had slept with two men before we reconnected. I was devastated. I asked her to leave my apartment that night. She was hysterical. She did not want to leave and was refusing my request that she go. I did not want to call the police on her so I talked her down until I could get her to leave the apartment. I also blocked her number at this time.

There were a series of emails from her beginning May 8th in which she begged and pleaded with me to take her back. She sent photos of the good times and promised to make it up to me. The night of May 8th she showed up at my apartment uninvited. I was not responding to her emails and had blocked her number. She was suicidal and told me that she was going to kill herself if I didn't let her inside the apartment. I did not want that so I let her inside. She said that she wanted to move into the apartment with me and we could rent out her house. We talked for a long time and had sex that night. She also came to my apartment May 12th. The lies about her and other men continued to come to light and I was disgusted. My friend Allan Williamson invited me to the bar that night and I accepted his invitation. Melanie was shocked, angry and upset. She again threatened to hurt herself if I left instead of spending the evening with her, but I was so disgusted that I went to the bar anyway. During this time I was also seeing other women and this greatly upset Melanie.

This had gone on long enough and the lengthy emails continued. On May 13th, through the encouragement of my therapist, I decided to call things off and stopped responding to her contact. I wrote her an email May 14th telling her that it was over. She responded with a very hateful and lengthy email.


Important Events that took place Concerning the PTO Orders
On Tuesday May 18th I was grieving the anniversary of my mother's passing, as well as the loss of our four and a half year relationship. I was feeling rejected from a bad date that I had earlier that night. I felt very alone and had been drinking. I need someone to talk to and as Melanie had been my only local family for the past 3 years, I requested that she called me via email. When she did not reply I went to visit her at around 3:30 a.m. I rang the doorbell and knocked on the door. Melanie is a heavy sleeper so I also knocked on her bedroom window. In her report, I was pounding and shouting. This is not true. I did not pound because I did not want her to think that I was an intruder. When she came to the door she was surprised and very happy to see me and my dog Penny. She invited me in immediately. She told me that she still loved me and was in love with me. In her report, she states that I was angry because she would not say that she loved me. We didn't talk very long before having passionate and loving sex again.

After the sex was over, still laying there, my hand was behind her head. She told me that she had been on a date with another man the previous night and that they had fooled around. She also told me that she had another date planned with him later that week and intended to go on the date. I was shocked and angered at hearing this and for a moment I squeezed the back of her hair. I recall saying, after what we just did, passionate and loving sex with I love you's, you're going on a second date?! I climbed on top of her on the bed and I was very upset. At this time, I cannot remember the words that came out of my mouth. I may have said, "Are you kidding me?!" "I hate you" "I cant believe you" "I cant believe that you keep doing this to me." I cannot recall exactly. Melanie said in her protective order report that I strangled her and attempted to hit her at this time. I threw a tantrum and was enraged, but did not attack her. Although, my tantrum scared her half to death. The only thing that I remember doing that was somewhat violent was squeezing a fist-full of her hair (as previously stated) and I felt bad about that later. Melanie became panicked and felt like I was going to hurt her. She started crying. I got off her and asked her why she was crying, or to stop crying. I put my clothes back on and became very depressed. It was 3 days after the anniversary of my mother's death and not speaking to my father after 3 years, Melanie had been my only family. I felt suicidal but did not have  real intention to hurt myself. I had told Melanie that I had my shotgun in the car with me when I came and had ill intention of hurting myself. There is no evidence to prove that the shotgun was ever in my car because it was never seen. She had told me previously that there was a handgun in her bedside nightstand. I told her that I "couldn't do it anymore" suggesting that I wanted to hurt myself, and started to walk towards the night stand. She panicked and grabbed my pants at the belt. She began pulling me away from the night stand. I said, what are you doing?! I had no real intention of hurting myself. I was just grief stricken. We sat on the living room floor and she had her phone with her at this time. We talked for a while and I was very upset. I asked her if she would cancel her date over text at that time. She stared at me in silence which was my answer. I became upset and decided that it was time to leave. At that point I collected my dog and told her that I hated her. I shouted "you're a piece of shit Melanie Crum!" I could tell that she was concerned about my mental state and I also requested that she not call the police on me after I left. I exited the residence and slammed the door behind me. She said that the door was slammed so hard that it stuck. I cannot confirm any damage to the door. It is important to note that Melanie may have recorded all or part of the time that I was at her residence via her cell phone. She had previously recorded our conversations in the past.

This was a bad breakup folks. During this 72 days, she tried to hack into my email. She chased me around the city in her car. Yes, there was an actual car chase where I had to ditch her at a yellow light. There was a night at my apartment that she got angry and threw my phone on the ground after I told her that I was going to the bar. She created a fake online dating profile to message me through Tinder. She created a fake Instagram profile to message me. She called my Zoom messenger repeatedly until I blocked her. She created a fake Facebook account to message me after I had blocked her. She had gifts delivered to my apartment from Amazon to try to win me back.

It is important to note that she called the police immediately following my departure to initiate a wellness check on me at my residence - instead of taking legal action against me. This proves that she was not in fear for her own life at this time, but concerned about my well being.  I was upset and perturbed that she had done that. It really embarrassed me in front of my new neighbors. I *67 called her phone several times to ask her why she did that, but she never answered. I sent her an email that day telling her that coming to see her on the 18th was a terrible mistake, that all it brought me was more pain. I told her that I would not be contacting her again. I assured her that I was not a threat to her or myself and that she had no reason to be afraid of me.

My sister Ryan Austin called her on the 18th and at the time, Melanie told my sister that she would not take any legal action against me as long as I did not show up to her house again. I never returned to Melanie's House after the incident on the 18th and I did not make any threats to her. 

May 19th, the next day she wrote me an email apologizing to me for how things went down on the 18th. It is important to note that she made first contact with me after the incident. She let me know at this time that she had canceled her date for the night and also commented that she was still open to taking me back. I thanked her for the apology in a reply email. At 12:46 a m. May 21st I sent her a very nice email telling her that I had prayed for her. The nature of the email was warm and jovial. I thanked her for all of the good times and wished her the best. This should have been the final communication, but instead Melanie decided to call me again later that night at 2:02 a.m. For those of you keeping score, she initiated the first email and first phone call beyond the May 18th incident. We talked for a long time and it was a good conversation until she brought up details about her last date and what happened sexually on that date. I know that she said this to hurt me. I hung up the phone. I called her back twice to vent briefly but made no threats to her or myself. I sent her a final email May 21st telling her how hurt I was. I told her that she was cruel and evil and that I was done with her. We had no communication after 7:04 a.m. on 5-21-21. I had no ill intention toward her. I was just hurt.

The last communication that I made to Melanie Crum was an email sent on 5-21-21 at 11:55 a.m. A few *67 calls were made after this time but she would have only seen those calls as "Unidentified Caller" and there were not very many calls made. In the email, I told her how hurt I was for all of the things that she had done to me. I told her that I was done with her. No where in my last few or previous communications did I indicate that I was a threat to her in any way. She also never requested that I stop calling her or sending emails.

So why did this woman go to the Superior Court for the county of Fayette and file petitions for a protective order and family violence against me? I had blocked her number on 5-21-21 as well as her email addresses. I had stopped communication for four days. She knew that I was no threat to her or myself.

I believe Melanie took legal action against me not because she was afraid for her safety, but because of a text that I sent to her father that hurt their relationship. I believe Melanie took this action against me at the advisement of her father. Melanie's father is a Bible-Beating Holy roller, holier than thou man. On April 21st, after my final communication with Melanie, I made a mistake that I whole heartedly believe caused these legal troubles for me. I sent her father Burl Crum a text message letting him know what his good "christian daughter" had been up to in the past month. I told him that she had slept with four men including myself and that I felt like she needed spiritual guidance. I also informed him in the text message that his suspicions about his son Daniel being gay were also true. I wish that I hadn't issued him this low blow. This man has hated my guts for four years and hated that Melanie and I were living together out of wedlock. I believe Burl Crum instigated, coached and encouraged his daughter Melanie to obtain these orders against me to ensure that her and I would be legally separated. I believe that I have angered, embarrassed and hurt this woman and her father. I believe that they are seeking revenge against me. I do not believe that Melanie Crum would have done this on her own without instruction from her father. I regret sending him that message because I believe these actions taken against me would not exist if I had not.


Some of the statements submitted to the court by Melanie Crum concerning this case were exaggerated, skewed or completely untrue.

Thank you for your time and for reading this detailed summary of my 72 day break up with Melanie Crum

Rex Burk